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Tier Certification by the Institute is based on your business needs. It offers you a variety of
different approaches to achieve the six performance requirements of the Tier Classification
System. All solutions will help you maximize the performance and adaptability of your topology
and equipment.

At the center of the Institute’s offering, the 100 global members of the Site Uptime Network
represent mostly Fortune 100 sized companies for whom site infrastructure availability is a
serious concern. They collectively and interactively learn from one another as well as from
Institute-facilitated conferences, site tours, benchmarking, best practices, and abnormal
incident collection and analysis.

For the industry as a whole, the Institute publishes white papers, offers a Seminar Series,
Symposium and data center design Charrette on critical uptime-related topics. The Institute
also conducts sponsored research and product certifications for industry manufacturers. For
users, the Institute certifies data center Tier level and site resiliency.
The Info Depot is a means to keep our guests informed about issues that are of interest to IT Infrastructure professionals.
This is the segment of our website where you will find links to sites that are related to the IT industry and hopefully of
particular interest to your specific needs.  As always, Highland Partners stands ready to support your IT infrastructure needs
should you need assistance.  Take advantage of our knowledge and capabilities - We are here to make your job easier.    
Uptime Institute, Inc.
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Project Management Institute
With more than 240,000 members in over 160 countries, PMI is the leading membership
association for the project management profession. PMI is actively engaged in advocacy for
the profession, setting professional standards, conducting research and providing access to a
wealth of information and resources. PMI also promotes career and professional development
and offers certification, networking and community involvement opportunities.

For more than 36 years, PMI has advanced the careers of practitioners who have made project
management indispensable in achieving business results.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library
Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library) is essentially a series of documents that are used to aid
the implementation of
a framework for IT Service Management. This customisable
framework defines how Service Management is applied within an organisation.
Although ITIL was originally created by the CCTA, a UK Government agency, it is now being
adopted and used across the world as the defacto standard for best practice in the
provision of IT Service. Although the ITIL covers a number of areas, its main focus is on IT
Service Management.
Six Sigma
Six Sigma (6 ) is a business-driven, multi-faceted approach to process improvement, reduced
costs, and increased profits. With a fundamental principle to improve customer satisfaction by
reducing defects, its ultimate performance target is virtually defect-free processes and
products (3.4 or fewer defective parts per million (ppm)). The Six Sigma methodology,
consisting of the steps "Define - Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control," is the roadmap to
achieving this goal. Within this improvement framework, it is the responsibility of the
improvement team to identify the process, the definition of defect, and the corresponding
measurements. This degree of flexibility enables the Six Sigma method, along with its toolkit,
to easily integrate with existing models of software process implementation.

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Six Sigma

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