Our corporate office is located just north of the Dallas / Ft. Worth metropolitan area.  
We are a limited liability company (LLC) that derives value for our clients by using a
business-based approach to professional services.  Our delivery capability includes our
best practices combined with our industry certified IT professionals.  We offer
infrastructure consulting and project management services.  We can offer both
fixed-price or time & materials engagements, depending on the type and scope of work.
Many companies have made significant investments in mission critical applications
and/or web-based front-ends, while overlooking the criticality of the underlying
infrastructure.  Today's enterprises must possess reliable, scalable, and intrusion
resistant IT infrastructures, or the results can adversely affect revenues and industry

Today's economy is forcing companies to think lean.  Companies can no longer afford
to hire expensive high tech talent that may only be needed for a one-year initiative or
even less time perhaps.  Often, companies do not possess the skill set in their existing
talent pool to accomplish the necessary initiative(s).  A solution for these high tech
requirements is temporary staffing or consulting services from a reputable professional
services firm offering world-class certified consultants and technology practices, such
as Highland Partners.

Highland Partners has gone to great lengths to establish a team of highly trained
certified IT professionals.  Our team is also partnered with other IT services companies
that complement and blend with our existing capabilities.   Collectively, Highland
Partners can be our clients'
one-stop-shop for world class professional services.  Our
best practices have been developed from years of experience, and they dramatically
increase the probability of our services meeting or exceeding expectations.  

Highland Partners stands squarely in the middle of the field of ethics - Not by the side
lines.  We follow a strict code of conduct, and our behavior is above reproach.  
Highland Partners earns clients’ trust by consistently delivering on promises.  Helping
clients succeed is at the forefront of our business-based approach.  

Now, more than ever, companies view their IT infrastructures as a key enabler to
successfully running their business operations and also to enable web-based revenue
streams.  Companies are including the infrastructure as an essential component of
their annual business plans.  Enterprise applications require a robust infrastructure
fabric to achieve desired results.

Highland Partners' consulting practice applies knowledge domains from all layers of
infrastructure to build a resilient fabric for our clients' enterprises.  Our knowledge
domains include Architecture, Performance, Security, and Management.   Our subject
matter expertise crosses application interactivity with all layers of infrastructure
including Network, Server, Database, and Middleware.

The infrastructure fabric is important to maintain, or it could fail, resulting in major
disruptions in business operations and possible revenue losses.  Overlooking any
component of an IT infrastructure could result in a major outage.  Each plays a vital
role, and must be carefully planned and managed throughout their lifecycle. Highland
Partners understands that a strong infrastructure fabric is essential for reliable,
scalable, and continuous business operations.
Highland Partners applies a full accountability approach to each client engagement.  
Our responsibility does not end when our consultants arrive at your front door.  Our
account management team stays engaged after the sale to ensure milestones and
deliverables are met.  This ensures that we do what we say.  We measure our
progress throughout the engagement until success is achieved.  Each engagement is
completely scoped and clearly documented in our Professional Services Agreements.  
Each member of our delivery team has internalized our project management
methodology.   This process ensures each client engagement is methodically
executed.  Your success, is our success!

Highland Partners uses an industry recognized project management methodology
with a structured step-by-step delivery process including metrics for quality
assurance and client satisfaction.  The Project Management Institute's Body of
Knowledge (PMBOK) is our project management methodology of choice.  

Our project management methodology enables our delivery team to achieve
predictable results on a repeatable basis.  How many times have companies claimed
to have a project management methodology, but fail to demonstrate evidence of
one?  Highland Partners requires all of its delivery personnel to provide this evidence
in the form of project plans, milestone acceptance forms, change request forms,
periodic status reports, and engagement acceptance forms.  Highland Partners keeps
clients informed, and confident that their business is in the best hands to achieve

Highland Partners believes our business model uniquely positions us in the IT
Industry.  Our business-based approach to superior infrastructure solutions is only
one key element.  Our knowledge domains, blended with infrastructure experience,
results in comprehensive technical solutions that address today’s most competitive
business requirements for our clients.  Our prospects’ decision-making process of
selecting the best provider of infrastructure professional services is much easier
based on our vast delivery capabilities.  

Highland Partners uses only industry-leading technology partners as our own delivery
team.  Our Code of Conduct ensures clients they will be served by professionals of
high ethical standards.   Our industry recognized project management methodology
dramatically increases client satisfaction and repeat business.
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